About Dr Kerner

About Dr Kerner

Dr Kerner studied her pre-med in Vienna, Austria. Thereafter she was trained at Tygerberg Hospital and surrounding Hospitals in the Cape Town area. She worked for six months in Paediatrics in Austria as a Medical Officer before she started her specialisation.

Dr Kerner finished her degree in 2002 and worked in the Cape Area for one year before settling at Panorama Hospital.

Except for Dr Kerner, there are other doctors working at Dorpstreet 20.

Dr Esser specialises in Paediatric Rheumatology patients, and those with Immunodeficiencies.

Brandon Maggen is our Podiatrist, who looks after the feet of both young and old.

About the Practice

There are four paediatricians working together to cover all after hour emergencies. At Panorama, you can get a hold of a paediatrician even over weekends if you need to. The service is available between 8am and 5 pm on weekends and holidays, and until 8pm during the week.

If you are seen at the emergency department and a paediatrician is needed, one will come out to help you and your child.

Dr Kerner sees children from birth to the age of 16 years.

Children can visit her if they are sick or just need a check-up. Check-ups are recommended at six weeks, 5 months, 8 months, 1 year, 18 months and then six monthly to yearly.

Just like you choose your gynaecologist, you can choose your paediatrician. Often the gynaecologist refers a paediatrician to you, but you can choose to change at your six week check-up. No referral letter is needed.

For emergencies we will make an appointment available for you.