Patient Testimonials

Kayla-lee was born in 2009 and we went to see the Paediatrician that delivered her for her 6 week check up and to say the least my husband and I were not impressed during our very first consultation, bearing in mind we are first time parents, the Paediatrician took phone calls and offered NO advice what so ever. We then decided we needed to find a better Paediatrician... and so our search began, we went to various doctors trying to find the best suited Paediatrician...

We eventually found Dr Kerner - and absolute amazing pediatrician!

We have had many hospital stays with our daughter as she suffers with Croup and Dr K has always been nothing less than amazing! checking in on her patients a few times a day. She is the only Dr that I am always able to get hold of even over a weekend and if my daughter is sick I am ALWAYS able to see her the same day. (others i have tried have a 3 day wait - who can wait that long when your kid is sick??)

When we see her she always offers WONDERFUL parenting advise which I take home and use, she never medicates with antibiotics,meds or ops that are unnecessary and she offers advise that she has found that work for her and her children which is the perfect touch.

I can only sing her praises as she is truly an amazing Dr and a wonderful person. She is TRULY the best Dr i have ever had or met!

I first met Dr Kerner in 2005 when my son Daniel was born at Panorama Hospital.

I have ALWAYS found her to be kind, caring and compassionate. She is thorough and patient and does not mind explaining over and over. As a first time mother, Dr Kerner has never hesitated to guide me with loving care.

When I “adopted” two street children aged 9 months and 10 months, Dr Kerner was the first Doctor I sought out for advise because I trusted her.

Dr. Kerner is the most thoughtful, compassionate, knowledgeable doctor who has a very special approach with my children.

Her input into my life and that of my family will never be forgotten and will always be valued.I have highly recommended Dr Kerner to my entire family. My sister's son, aged 3 is also a patient of Dr Kerner's and so is my niece and nephew's children. They too have the same experience with Dr Kerner.

Thank you Dr Kerner for never judging my partnership and for your input in healing my children. I cannot imagine going to any other doctor. We love you and your staff and appreciate the kind and loving care we always receive.

Thank you to your staff for always accommodating me at very short notice with regard to appointments.

- Ingrid