What to do if your child

Has Fever:

Please don’t panic. Fever starts at 38 degrees Celsius under the arm. High fever is 40 degrees. To be really worried if the fever is over 40 degrees.

Give your child Panado or Ponstan or Nurofen, depending on his age and weight. If he refuses to drink the medication orally, then use a suppository such as Empaped. Wait for 30 to 40 minutes. If the fever is still high giver the next medicine on the list. (if you have given Panado you can give Ponstan or Nurofen)

If you are worried: child lethargic,vomiting, etc.…. Go through to the emergency department or visit your Paediatrician.

Remember if your child has fever for more than 24 hours, it is wise to consult your paediatrician. The doctor can then determine where the fever is coming from and advise you appropriately.

Is vomiting

If your child is vomiting and no fluid will stay down, visit your doctor as quickly as you can. There is great concern that your child may be dehydrating, especially if no fluid is staying down, or if he refuses to take in any fluids.

This is more of an emergency situation and should be dealt with quickly, even if one must visit the emergency unit at the hospital.

Has loose stools

If your child has lots of loose stools (more than two or three) in one day, give as much fluids as possible. Try to give at least 50-100 ml for each loose stool, depending on the age of the child and the size of the loose stools

Again be careful of dehydration, and if worried rather bring to a paediatrician. Don’t wait too long.

Has a convulsion or seizure

Anytime your child has a convulsion or seizure you should bring in your child immediately.

For little ones who have fever at the time, it most likely is a fever convulsion. But the cause for the fever must be assessed and meningitis (infection of the brain) needs to be ruled out.

Or it may be the beginning of epilepsy. The doctor will evaluate appropriately.